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    Why has vegan become so popular?

    Not so long ago, saying the word vegan to someone and it's hemp pants, hippies, unkempt beards which creep to mind. Then a few years ago it acquired a...

    What are the best vegan snacks in the UK?

    Vegan and plant-based, predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2019, hasn’t disappointed. Driven by social mentions and news headlines, combined with...

    10 fun facts about vegan snacks

    Vegan is has become the buzzword for the year, following on from a reported 987% rise in interest in 2018. Whether your customers are curiously dipping...

    5 Customers Vegan Snacks are Perfect for

    Producers large and small have been making, whether intentionally or accidentally, vegan snacks for years. If you hear the words ‘plant-based product’...

    Getting Set for Veganuary

    It's nearly Veganuary - the dedicated UK based challenge - that helped over half a million people try veganism last January. At a time where...

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