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    New Arrivals in October

    This month we're saying hello to over 25 new ranges. The wealth of new snacks and drinks in the UK provides a huge opportunity to differentiate...

    Reworking the classics

    Whether it's vintage fashion, home decor, or even the humble avocado - some of the biggest trends around are reworked versions of much-loved classics....

    Fast, fun and free-from - the new generation of snacks

    From scarcely two shelves on a supermarket shelf, the free-from market has become a hugely popular movement, with a 27% rise in sales in 2018 alone....

    100 calorie snacks for children

    Current government guidelines state that, if children are enjoying packaged snacks as part of their daily routine, they should consist of '100 calorie...

    The rise of the grazers

    For decades, three square meals a day and the occasional snack has been seen as the blueprint for how to eat meals. However, as modern life gets busier...

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