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    What are healthy alternatives to traditional crisps?

    From flavoured popcorn and the introduction of alternative grains,  to lentil-based chips and roasted corn kernels, there are any number of healthy...

    6 Key snack trends to unlock better profits

    Snacks producers are very much looking to the future with new tasty concepts, but what are the key trends you should look to capitalise on and why? 

    What is mindful snacking and why is it good for me?

    Mindful snacking, no not a new form of meditation but one of the snacking industry’s fastest growing and most popular trends. Born from people’s...

    What Brits Want from Confectionery

    The UK’s appetite for chocolate and sweet treats shows no sign of waning. Still, today’s shoppers want a bit more from their confectionery. From...

    3 key dates for the diary in September

    September is the month where we've all hopefully enjoyed some sunshine and a well deserved break. With consumers heading back to the office, university...

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