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    healthy trends 2020


    We enjoy relationships with a focused range of innovative and challenger brands. We're supporting you with additional promotional discounts on these fantastic ranges. Be sure to view the full page to ensure you don't miss out on any discount.

    On top of our standard monthly promotions, we're now offering extended promotions on over 45 start-up and challenger brands. We've worked with these fantastic suppliers to help business, retailers and those working from home during these tough times. Well over 90% of our range is sourced from up-start and challenger brands. Supporting these upstart brands is at the heart of what we do, and they need you more than ever. People will still want to access want their usual protein, plant based and healthy snacks, so we're giving all our customers the best possible opportunity to source the brands consumers want with this additional support.

    Please scroll down the page to view all these strong promotional offers available now.


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    EXTENDED PROMOTIONS (available for up to 3 months on selected lines)

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