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    New Snacks and Drinks to Try in 2020

    With years of experience as a dedicated snacking distributor, we have learned a thing or two about what goes in to giving our customers the best possible experience. From understanding the latest and biggest food trends, and how they translate to consumers across the UK, to creating the perfect blend of product ranges for our customers. April sees a whole host of tasty new ranges arrive at Epicurium. Read on to find out which new arrivals might catch your eye...


    Keeping on Top of the Snack Trends

    Our mission is to be the UK’s favourite source of innovative, on-trend, snacking products. We search for ranges that are done properly; those better-for-you snacks made with honest ingredients; with all the right branding, who are on trend and come with believable social credentials - these are the brands which offer a real point of difference. Whether your customers are clamouring for the next big thing or you’re looking to new ventures online and want a cool and diverse product offering, we have sourced what we believe to be the very best from the UK FMCG scene. 

    We're really excited in the UK to arguably have some of the best food start-ups, bringing out some great brands that can hold their own against the best Europe and the US has to offer. Working with these fantastic entrepreneurial brands is exciting, inspiring and for you, our customers, very rewarding.

    This month sees 10 exciting new brands arrive, each tapping in to and building on some of this years hottest trends, whilst adding opportunity for incremental value to their respective category. Finding what's new and different can be tough in a competitive marketplace. We know to keep consumers and colleagues satisfied can be a challenge. That's why we've done the hard work finding arguably some of the very best and innovative snacks and drinks.

    Supporting Challenger Brands

    We know these uncertain times bring a lot of... well uncertainty. We're working incredibly hard to provide businesses, retailers and those working from home with a sense of normality. It's a case of standing together with one another through tough times. We pride ourselves on supporting start-up and small challenger brands. Well over 90% of our suppliers fall in to these categories. These brands need support more than ever to reach consumers. After the immediate effect and shock of the 'lockdown' in the last week, consumers and colleagues will start to get some sense of normality and routine. They'll still want their usual protein, plant based and healthy snacks - all of which they were getting from the office canteen, vending machine or at the coffee shop whilst commuting to work. Of course there's also the scenerio of people getting a bored of eating the same snacks whilst at home, so it's always worth considering introducing new ranges. 

    New Snacks and Drinks for April

    First up Abakus seaweed crisps , which are made using carefully sourced seaweed harvested from the deep blue seas of South Korea, and coated with a thin layer of crunchy tapioca to create the crunchiest seaweed snack. Next, the first ionised water launched in the UK with a pH level of 9.0 plus, ActiPH water combines the wellness of hydration with the need for performance, this alkaline water ensures you’re hydrated and back to your best quicker.

    With the rise in demand for low and no alcohol ranges, Drynks Unlimited 'Smashed' range of craft-styled Lager, Beer and Cider drinks are all 0% alcohol and so tasty you’ll believe you’re drinking the real thing!

    Chika's savoury snacks are inspired by African ingredients and flavour palettes, each ingredient is 100% natural and ethically sourced from traditional communities. The unusual sounding FattBar are 100% natural keto diet bars, free from sweeteners, packed with brain boosting healthy fats, and a great source of prebiotic inulin to help promote a happy healthy gut!

    The British Crisp Co are handcooked in the UK using exclusively British potatoes (as you might expect given the name) but they're also free from major allergens, vegan friendly and come in compostable packs (which you might not have expected!). Maximuscle are low sugar and Informed Sport Accredited snacking; the perfect sports nutrition range for the casual and mainstream protein consumer are new for April too.

    Knowing the value of feeding only the best of what nature has to offer, Wallaroo are 100% organic fruit snacks completely plastic free packs, whilst last but not least Brave bring delicious roasted chickpeas and peas to you, packed with protein and full of fibre, these snacks certainly pack a punch.

    Helping Retailers Stay Ahead of the Curve

    We work with some of the brightest, best and most forward thinking retailers in the country. It's apparent given recently circumstances, that Independent Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and those supporting working at home need regular, reliable supply more than ever. This is the time we all need to step up to the challenge. It might be unprecedented times but if 8pm last Tuesday was anything to go by, it's clear we are all pulling together and playing our roles during these unprecedented times. Epicurium remains operating as normal, ready to support start-up and challenger brands, independent businesses, retailers and those employees working remotely. Remember, we are ALL in this together.

    Today’s snacker wants more than a standard can of pop, a breakfast biscuit or any old chocolate bar. Instead, they are open to more adventurous ingredients and healthier versions of sugar laden drinks. Paying closer attention than ever to sugar content, demanding more exciting flavours whilst not compromising on taste, consumer's attitudes and willingness to try something new are opening up fresh opportunities for retailers. Demand for snacks isn't going away anytime soon, despite all the uncertainties.

    Working With Epicurium During Uncertain Times

    brochure april 2020As we head towards Easter, we've launched our latest brochure packed full of the very hottest in new snack innovation. If you'd like to receive a copy then please get in touch with us here.
    We know it's not an easy time for anyone. We want to reassure you; as business owners, managers, buyers and staff alike, we're supporting all businesses, retailers and employees working from home. With strong availability of long life meal solutions, healthy snacks, sharing bagged snacks, the chocolate and canned drink brands which will help give some normality in your daily ordering and consumers lives, and, all delivered using speedy courier partners.
    Having a wider selection of trendy health snacks also not only begins opening existing customers to a wider selection of options, but also help to attract a new audience to your business and helps keeps a sense of wellness when working from home. Key to achieving this success is the ability to react quickly to trends, keeping stock levels nimble and finding the right mix of popular challenger brands and niche new finds.
    To discover more about the fun world of healthier snacking browse our website or alternatively get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how to integrate new ranges into your snack and drink mix. With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into the newest healthier snacks, from the UK and further afield, in no time.
    Stay safe everyone - Team Epicurium