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    Guest Feature - Insight from The Curators

    There is no doubt that veganism is enjoying a wave of publicity at the moment. But the not so hidden truth is we're still a nation of meat lovers. Research by Kantar Media last year suggested almost 4 in 5 (78%) of the population still count themselves as meat-eaters. With such big potential audiences, and playing into key macro and micro trends such as protein, low sugar and craft ingredients, meaty snacks that can stand out from the crowd and satisfy taste buds can enjoy unlimited success. 

    Natural Protein | Best of British | Sustainable Packaging | Low Calorie Snacking

    As part of a new feature giving you invaluable insights direct from our brand partners, we caught up with Toby Fleming @ The Curators to discover how scouring the world for flavour inspiration has brought mouth-watering, chef-inspired snacks to retailers, the reason why flavour is still number one and how the new Almonds tick all the right boxes....



    So who are The Curators?

    On a mission to champion British production and leading the market on innovation, sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Curators are a collective of flavour fanatics led by food-loving friends, Max and Ed, seeking taste inspiration from around the globe to give you premium British-made snacks with a truly mouth-watering twist.

    How do your snacks present an opportunity for retailers?

    Consumers are constantly stuck in the gap between wanting to treat their taste buds, yet also be mindful of their health & nutrition. Sadly, 32% of consumers in our country still believe that healthy snacks taste worse than their more indulgent counterparts….As a brand, we want to take all-natural, premium British ingredients and turn them into flavour-packed, nutritional powerhouses.

    "consumers still want their snacks to offer much bolder flavours"

    Most Protein snacks come with sweeteners, chemicals and long ingredients-decks. The Curators was born to get around this, and bring some serious, natural, chef-designed flavour to the snacking category using flavour trends from around the world. From British Silverside Biltong to our sensationally seasoned Almonds, we are bringing some foodie flair to serious snacks.

    What current and future trends do you meet?

    It is no secret that more and more consumers taking greater care of their diet and nutrition now more than ever. As a result, you will find all of our products hit this trend, offering great nutritional value, specifically in the protein department. However, unlike most “protein snacks” out there, our products are fully-natural, offering consumers protein in its most natural state. Calorie content is marked as third most important health marker in a snack according to a recent Harris Interactive poll in April.  All our meat snacks for example, fall under the 100kcal mark.

    "our new range of Almonds are packed in a ground-breaking 100% plastic free film"

    As a brand, we have and always will be flavour-led, and 42% of consumers still want their snacks to offer much bolder flavours. If a consumer is going to part with their money on a product, it has to taste good and bring them maximum satisfaction. As a result, we will always have this top of our priority list, and aim to bring consumers new and exciting flavours, such as our Korean BBQ Jerky or Espresso Caramel Almonds.

    Along with this, our new range of Almonds are packed in a ground-breaking 100% plastic free film. This is a first in UK snacking! The fully paper pack can be recycled easily at home or at the curb side and is made from a sustainable source of pulp. So much so it has been endorsed by A Plastic Planet.

    Packed with protein, packed with flavour, packed with fibre, and packed in sustainable packaging. What is not to love?!

    How do you see the market changing?

    curators 2-2Coronavirus has massively changed everything. However, I myself have seen a massive shift from customers to “shopping local” - as many as 52% of consumers believe their local convenience store has become more important to them - and are relying on their local store more and more over the big grocers. This is so great to see, and makes it even more important for independents to offer a wide range of products that will keep customers excited and coming back for more.

    I myself love shopping in my local farm shops, as there is always new things to pick up and try! Savoury snacking has seen a great increase as well, as people try and avoid the usual excess sugar.

    Along with this, I believe people will be much more loyal to the brands they know and like, with items like snacks helping to bring that little bit of joy in their day. Along with this, people will be much more wary with their plastic-consumption, making our new Almonds incredibly exciting for the category moving forward.

    Who will buy The Curators?

    I love this question as it is exactly the one we excel at! We love all things food, and believe it should be enjoyed at all great occasions! So, we set out to create a range of snacks that you can enjoy at all times, from sharing with friends over a cold pint, to tucking in to them coming out of the gym. 83% of consumers want to get more protein in their diet, but without sacrificing in taste! Meat snacks are also the among the favourite source of protein for consumers. We offer just this to them….

    "when they do buy meat, they are willing to spend slightly more on a higher-quality product"

    That is the best thing about our range in my opinion, which is that it is so versatile and reaches out across so many different social groups and channels.

    Why it will work for independents

    Our entire range is very well-suited to independents, offering consumers grab-and-go snacks that they can pick up on the move and enjoy. We are on a mission to champion British production and leading the market on innovation, sustainability and environmental stewardship. It is no lie that consumers are buying less meat today than they were 10 years ago. As a result, when they do buy meat, they are willing to spend slightly more on a higher-quality product. This way, they know what they are buying is both British and of the highest-quality, rather than an incredibly processed bit of meat from an unknown source! Product and ingredient sourcing is more important than ever, and we love to champion this.

    Our new plastic-free Almond packaging is ground-breaking for this space, and after Coronavirus, it will be even more vital to hero this with plastic-use increasing in other areas of our lives due to increased home deliveries and hygiene reasons. We feel these are going to prove incredibly popular in the convenience space, and Epicurium are really getting behind this breakthrough too, helping customers understand the huge benefits of our range.

    As experts in wholesome snacks, the team at Epicurium have compiled an easy to follow guide to the best healthy snacks for retailers - from sure fire hits to some of the freshest new brands on the market. Take a look at some of the new products you could be stocking to capture a greater share of the snacking audience. With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into freshest healthy snack and crisp alternatives in no time.