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    20 Healthy Snacks for Convenience Stores

    Hungry and in a hurry. Needing a quick solution to grab on the go. Time pressed but bored of the same options. However not wanting to sacrifice health for something that's laden with carbs and sugar. Does this sound like the customer you serve day in and day out?

    Healthy eating is influencing what convenience stores stock and success depends on whether they are tapping into this growing audience successfully. Most convenience stores today need an increasing wealth of options for the health conscious consumer amid a rise in people becoming more aware and attune with what they're consuming.

    "What are the best healthy snacks for my shop"
    But how do retailers crack the healthy market? That’s exactly what this blog answers. From the healthiest of crisp alternatives, to protein packed bars and drinks loaded with probiotics, to a wide variety of diet-friendly low-calorie foods, we have a few healthier recommendations to satisfy all your customer cravings for crunchy, savoury and sweet. We'll take your through 20 tasty snacks you must have in store...
    Interested to find out more how to improve your healthy impulse snack range? Take a look at our low down on the best healthy snacks for retailers.

    Impact of Healthy Snacking

    Healthy snacking is way more than a new year’s resolution, it’s becoming a way of life, and retailers should not overlook its potential.  There are more than 19 billion snacking opportunities in the UK per year, and more than two-thirds of consumers snack at least five times a week, according to Kantar World. The healthy snacking category has become the key player driving category value growth. Snacking has a sky-high penetration, but retailers need to make space for healthier options and adventurous flavours to stay on trend. Research has shown 70%+ of shoppers have changed their snacking habits with a majority wanting healthier on the go options.

    Seven mega trends have led the way in the healthy snacking evolution. Consumers have given food and drink brands a clear message that a better balance between healthier and tasty is wanted. Eating trends have shifted away from three set meal times and toward snacking throughout the day.

    While nobody is suggesting that the desire for a calorie-filled sugary snack will disappear completely, by understanding the individual roles core categories, such as crisps, soft drinks and confectionery play in delivering incremental spend for their retail outlet, operators can determine the most strategic options for healthier snacking products, fitting alongside their core brands.

    Time poor, better informed and more likely to snack frequently than previous generations, the modern day convenience shopper is opting for more natural snacks with obvious health benefits, all year round and with increasing intensity. But what are the ranges should you be looking at?

    Changing Consumer Demands

    There’s a very different game in town these days. Consumers are no longer happy simply sticking with the same tried and tested brands, it’s all about differentiation. Consumers are looking for a ‘wow’ moment, a chance to discover something different and be the first on social media with a new snack – the opportunity to influence, not just follow.


    Premium is the new buzzword when it comes to snacking and new product development. There’s been a dramatic shift in the snacking world that reflects wider social trends towards healthy living and shifting preferences around protein and sugar.

    Vegan snacks have hit the big time, protein snacks are in the mainstream and natural energy drinks are in everyone's fridges - a few years ago these would have all been considered niche!

    Should the average c-store retailer feel nervous about the 'try something new' agenda? Maybe not, since there’s positive evidence that embracing the overall trend for health, and stocking the right selection, can actually improve category sales.

    It's time you should consider introducing more protein snacks, vegan sweets, and alternative savoury snacks. It's not likely retailers will be able to continue to build success if they haven’t got anything new to offer customers. 

    20 Suggested Healthy Snack Brands   

    Staying ahead of the curve isn't easy. Here's our top picks for the healthy snack brands you should be considering:

    1. Barebells... High protein, low sugar chocolate bars. An absolute favourite of ours and a best seller. These snacks are protein versions of some of the UK's most loved chocolate bar flavours, packed with 20 gram of protein in several delicious flavours such as Lemon Curd and Salty Peanut. RRP £2.49

    2. Battle Bites... Dessert-inspired protein bars with less than 3g sugar. Two bite-sized pieces, perfect for pre and post workout. Sugar lovers can now indulge without the guilt. Whether enjoyed as a mid-morning snack, afternoon pick up or just because, these cake-like bars are delicious without the calorie or carb count of most store-bought confections! RRP £2.29

    Epicurium Barebells Salty Peanut

    3. Candy Kittens... Iconic vegan gummy sweets. Absolutely no bad stuff, these gourmet gummy candies are gluten-free and made with natural flavours, colours and real fruit juices. Now to be enjoyed by everyone with these new Candy Kittens recipes made with absolutely no gelatine! RRP from £1.20

    4. Cheesies...  Crunchy zero carb popped cheese bites. Turning humble cheddar, gouda and emmental into delicious crunchy popped balls that are ideal to eat on-the-go. How good do they sound? RRP £1.29

    5. CLIF... Nutritious protein & energy bars from the USA. Packed with 9 gram of protein and wholesome, nutritious plant based ingredients. Did you know CLIF Bar is the number 1 nutrition bar brand in North America? RRP from £1.80

    6. Deliciously Ella... All natural plant based oat bars, energy balls and nut filled butter balls that have taken the healthy eating world by storm! A perfect post-gym snack, high fibre breakfast option or general wellness treat.  Author, blogger and cook Ella Woodward now has her own  app, podcast, frozen meals & a deli! RRP from £1.19

    epicurium huel7. Flower & White... New low calorie meringue bars in plastic free packs. Low fat, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Give customers the chance to try these under 100 calories meringue bars - who said indulgence can't be healthier? RRP £1.29

    8. Graze... Nutritionally approved snack punnets. Graze is the UK’s No. 1 healthy snack brand launching new flavours all the time including a Sweet Chilli Crunch and Peanut Butter Flapjack. RRP £1.45

    9. Grenade... Carb Killa Protein Bars. The UK’s best-selling protein snack bar that's lower in sugar. Did you know 37p in every £1 spent on protein bars is spent on Grenade? RRP £2.50

    10. Huel... Ready to drink, nutritional balanced meal replacement. A nutritionally complete meal in bottle. The perfect on-the-go meal when time is short. Fast food, not junk food with Huel! RRP £3.50

    11. I Love Snacks... Handy impulse snacks made with just one ingredient. Tasty low calorie simple snacks made with single ingredient, freshly packed and sealed for probably the most honest natural snack you'll find! RRP £1.00

    12. KIND... Wholesome tasty nut bars. One of the fastest growing healthier snack bar in the UK, 50% lower in sugar than leading snack bars. Now available in core, protein and multi pack formats. A must stock. RRP from £1.49

    epicurium love corn

    13. Larabar... Clean raw fruit & nut snacks. Gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar snacks made with no more than six ingredients. Sticking to mantra less is more is what makes Larabar such a hit. Each bar is really delicious and only contains ingredients absolutely necessary. RRP £1.29

    14. Love Corn... Moreish crunchy roasted corn kernels. The UK’s original premium crunchy corn kernels, gluten free and vegan friendly, each pack are flavoured for an addictive crunch and perfect with a craft beer! RRP £0.70

    15. Love Vegan... Raw vegan snack bars. Ethical, wholesome and 100% plant based. All bars are cold pressed with the minimal amount of processing in order to help retain the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. RRP £1.29

    16. Mister Free'd... Vegan Tortilla Chips. A disruptive plant based range of guilt-free, craveable snacks made with simple, natural ingredients. Did you know Mister Free'd has the only avocado based tortilla chip on the market? RRP £1.00

    epicurium rxbar

    17. Nooro... Gluten free CBD Oat bars. The UK's first CBD oat snack bar, derived from organically grown hemp. The demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) is set to rise tenfold in the coming months so this bar is as on trend as it gets. RRP £2.95

    18. Propercorn... The market leading guilt free popcorn brand. An most established healthy snacking brands in the UK selling over a unit a second across a range of single and share size bags. RRP from £0.89

    19. RX BAR... Clean protein bars from the USA. One of the fastest growing nutrition bar brand in the US, made from a handful of real ingredients. What makes this brand extra healthy is that each of the handful of ingredients are clearly listed on the front of each pack. RRP £2.49

    20. Squirrel Sisters... All natural raw snack bars. Last but not least these snack fingers are gluten and dairy-free as well as being totally refined sugar free. Beautifully branded there's no reason why these snacks shouldn't be on your shelves. RRP £1.99

    Promoting Healthy Snacks

    With a wealth of choice to select from, healthy snacking offers a multitude of opportunities. With new hot trends taking off all the time, we’ll help identify the very best in class options to help attract a higher spending consumer.

    healthy snack

    Healthier snacking is here to stay. We make it our aim to regularly introduce new flavours and formats from the most on-trend brands, to help our customers keep ahead of the rest.

    Retailers are taking a fresh approach to the positioning of healthy snacking products, with many stores now opting to place them in a prime position at the front of the store, on prominent aisle ends and at the till point. Signposting healthy snacks with point of sale, header boards and shelf edge strips helps direct consumers to your healthy snacks and will make for quite an impression. What is clear healthy snacking offer retailers a real chance to benefit from incremental profits.

    Snack items such as biscuits, chocolate, confectionery and crisps in decline, healthier snack items are driving growth. 41% of shoppers are looking for snacks with less sugar, 39% seek out snacks that are low in fat, and 41% want snacks that provide energy or help them refuel (Kantar|2018). 40% of shoppers also expect to pay a premium for healthy snacks. This is something retailers should bear in mind when reviewing their offering. And this is the crucial point behind all this drive to be healthy and different.
    Whether you are stocking up for a full healthier snacking bay, or looking to add a new brand at the till point to help customers make the right choice on their daily commute, a wealth of healthy snacks awaits.

    How to Make Your Retail Store More Profitable

    Everyday we see amazing, innovative, industrious retailers making the leap towards better systems, better in-store experiences, and finding news ways to reach their ideal customers. The first step is to draw in consumers in to store. A good place is with these top tips on how to increase footfall in your retail store.

    Once in store this is your opportunity to turn a potential visitor in to a buying customer! You might find useful how to make the most of upselling at the counter once you have customers in store.

    It's time you should consider introducing more protein snacks, vegan sweets, and alternative savoury snacks. It's not likely retailers will be able to continue to build success if they haven’t got anything new to offer customers.

    Working with Epicurium offers you exact that. With a quick turnaround, no minimum order and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into the newest vegan and healthier snacks, from the UK and further afield, in no time. To discover more about the fun world of healthier snacking browse our website, or alternatively get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how to introduce better for you ranges into your snack and drink mix.
    For more on trend solutions and category insights take a look at our website www.epicurium.co.uk.