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    100 calorie snacks for children

    Current government guidelines state that, if children are enjoying packaged snacks as part of their daily routine, they should consist of '100 calorie snacks, two a day max' - the catchy jingle underlines an important point about healthy eating.

    Retailers can help parents in their mission to grab something quick and healthy for their kids by highlighting healthy snacks that fit the 100 calorie or under bill - meaning shoppers don't need to spend precious time scanning the labels of every packet on the shelf to hunt out suitable snacks. 

    100 calories can come in all shapes and sizes

    One of the hardest parts of finding a 100-calorie snack is that it can vary widely in size depending on the snack - from a whole bag of popcorn to a handful of dried fruit. With more adults also conscious of the size of their snacks, savvy up and coming brands are working hard to pack a lot of flavour and excitement into those 100 calories, and editing out many of the unhealthy additives and processed ingredients that may be found in their higher-calorie counterparts.

    Fitting in with the lifestyle

    Whether children are gluten-intolerant, vegetarian, or simply need less sugar in their diet, there are a great variety of 100 calorie snacks to choose from - and the more convenient retailers can make finding and stocking up on these snacks, the higher the potential for repeat custom, as you become a trusted destination for healthy and handy 'grab and go' food options. 

    As healthy snacking specialists, the team at Epicurium has made purchasing low-calorie snack options, which fit in with NHS England CQUIN guidelines, as simple as possible. 

    new-epicurium-mavericks-snacks-1A maverick approach to snacking

    Take popular new kid on the block, Maverick. Their range of brightly packaged snacks, including fruit lace-ups, popcorn and cookies are low calorie, convenient and, most importantly, varied enough to ensure that children and adults alike will be anything but bored with their snacking options. 


    Becoming a trusted supplier

    For further low-calorie snacking options, why not check out our low-calorie fixture option, incorporating just some of the 100+ options we carry that perfectly tick all of the low calorie boxes, and set you on the path to becoming the parent's pick for delicious after-school treats.

    Epicurium offers out customers the flexibility to order quickly and easily from our online store, and with no minimum order value, 24-48 hour turnaround and free delivery on orders over £80 - we are perfectly positioned to allow your order to grow as the demand for cool, low-calories snacks does in your local area.  

    Low-calorie snacking options for children are growing and retailers that can make life easier for parents by striking the right balance between health, taste and convenience, will find themselves top of the class.

    Other 100 calorie snack options available from Epicurium include - BEPPs, Graze, Indie Bay, and SNACT.